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For most of us it was about the ride.

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   June of 2009

    Cost of shipping per motorcycle round trip to Spokane, WA. from Anchor, AK



"Via" The Alcan Hwy


   Route 66 was established in 1926. It runs from Chicago to L. A., 2400 miles all the way as the song goes. It was called the mother road or main street USA, Route 66 was the main street in most towns along the route and for a while was the only road that connected the west coast with the midwest. In it's heyday, many Americans went west for job's, a better life, a new beginning or just the adventure. Unfortunately, today most of Route 66 is gone, just a distant memory. However, riders still long for the glory and the adventure of the road and still ride the interstate and the few undisturbed sections of Route 66. I myself have traveled the Route looking for the past, but most of 66 is left in pieces and history books. There are a few sections left here and there. With the best parts left in New Mexico, Arizona and California. I'm sorry I have missed the heyday's, however, my memory's of the Route 66 will stay with me forever.

   There is still a road that will allow you the adventures of the ride. This road is not for posers.. Like I imaged 66 was in the beginning. The Alcan Highway is an adventure for those's not faint of heart. If your truly a rider and up for an adventure, this is for you. The Alaska Hwy. was built in 1942 and is 1422 miles, from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada to Delta Junction, Alaska. The Alcan was built by America and Canada in WW2 for the military. The road took eight mouths to complete and was to say the least " rough" . For years dirt, pot holes, no gas or places to stay, the trip to Alaska was not an easy journey. Like Route 66, the Alcan is the main street of the town it runs through. It' is a thousand miles shorter than Route 66. However, our trip from Spokane, WA. to Fairbanks and on to Anchorage is 3000 miles. What an adventure!

Our trip began with shipping our bikes to Spokane, WA., via Singletary Motorcycle Transport. We allowed 13 day's for the trip to Anchorage.... After meeting the truck and receiving our bikes, "motorcycles" we headed to Canada. The ride was nice and upon entering Canada, the customs agents were very nice. In June 2007 our driver licence and birth certificate or passport allowed us entry. There were some questions regarding our visit and how much money we were carrying, after answering the group was off. One thought, if your in a group, remember to tell the same story. I think we each had a different story. Some said we would be in Canada a day others a week. After clearing customs we rode north on Hwy 3 to Cranbrook, British Columbia. where we spent our first night in Canada..

From Cranbrook we road Hwy 93 north to Radium Hot Springs and lunch and one of our riders a quick nap. Radium is a great place to stay and enjoy the springs, however the day was young and we needed to get some miles under our tires. Leaving Radium Hot Springs you will enter Kootneay National Park.The road from Radiun Hot Springs to Jasper is the top fifth scenic Hwy in the world. If you ride and enjoy the wilderness this is a road not to be misted. We rode between mountains beside hot springs, there were glaciers, lakes and mountains against a sky so blue. Again this road is a MUST.. Hwy 93 will end at Hwy 1 however take the short ride to Hwy 1 A north to Lake Louise, Alberta. While there enjoy the Lake and GET GAS. You will go north on Hay 1 to PH 93 north to Jasper, Alberta. The road we left behind was beautiful however this is where the scenery really begins. Rivers, lakes and glaciers you can stop and walk on. Remember also the temperature can drop 20 degrees beside the glaciers. If you ever saw the movie River Of No Return, staring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe? You will ride along side of the river were the filming was done. Along the way we saw black and brown bear, deer, and moose.

Our second night we stayed in Jasper, Alberta at the Tekarra Lodge setting atop a ridge over looking the convergence of the Miette and Athabasac rivers, we stayed in modern cabins on the ridge along side the rivers. We dined at a world class restaurant on site. I had the buffalo tenderloin, the flavor was so mouth watering I didn't want to chew, it just melted in my mouth. Some had the meatloaf, others had salmon, all came away very pleased. That night a fire in the fire place and the sounds of rushing water, sleep came easy.

Our third day we got gas and headed out, on Hwy 16 east to again some of the most breathtaking scenery you can image. Blue sky's a majestic lake and mountains so ridged they cut into the sky. I understand why this is one of the most scenic roads in the world. We picked up Highway 40 to Grand Prairie, Alberta. The route was scenic but no where near what we had left behind. We had electric jackets and used them, at one point we were somewhere near 10,000 feet. After an hour or so we got gas and information we did not want to hear. They were looking for snow that night. burr.. In Grand Prairie we stopped by the Harley shop for tee shirts and I decided to get a back tire. I ride a Heritage and ride on Metzzlers. The Harley shop had one, lucky me. It was ordered for someone, the parts called the person they were holding it for and explained I was traveling and needed the tire. The owner of the tire was very nice and allowed the Harley shop to sell it to me. Great news... I ask them to mount it, they did.. very nice of them. Then I got the bill. $ 570.00 American money. No tee shirts for me there, had I been robed? Leaving Grand Prairie we road PH 2 west to Dawson Creek, British Columbia the sights was like any you would see in Indiana, farms and fields along side the roads. When we arrived at Dawson Creek the beginning of the Alcan Highway.. We stayed at a Super 8 with an attached restaurant and bar. At dinner one of or riders "Brenda" met Cluyde. This guy was a trip, three of us had met him in Ouray, CO last year on a canyon trip. Unknowing to most of the group Cluyde was Larry, Billy Bob teeth an old hunting cap plaid hunting shirt, black rim coke bottle glasses and well you get the idea. After dinner and Cluyde left we retired to our rooms it was going to be a long day tomorrow.

After packing our bikes it was picture time. We all had to get pictures of each of us the group and of course or bikes in front of the Alaska Highway sign. After picture time it was off on Hwy 97 north. The forth day was getting better for scenery and the road was still very good No mud, dirt or pot holes yet. We had heard all the stories. A lot more trees, less people, less traffic and more wildlife. I had spent a lot of time planning the trip where to stay, eat and get gas.. There is the key word GAS. I had planned our stops for about every 100 miles or so. What I did not plan on was the gas stations being out of gas. Two in the same town. We pressed on. Yep, I was the first, everyone stopped to make sure I was ok. I was, just embarrassed and out of gas. Dave told me he was out and Bryan was also on fumes. Then our hero's came through AL and Larry "AKA" Cluyde, riding six speeds, they had gas. We hoped enough to reach a station that had gas. We also had a back up, Tony and his wife Sonya both on there own bikes and was behind us, they may have gas.. Tony & Sonya riding at there own pace, were riding safe taken lot's of pictures. (Just a personal note Sonya own's and works at Soft Tales Motorcycle shop at 911 South Florida in Lakeland, FL. stop by and see some great pictures she took on the trip and a few tales of the trip, pictures and tales are in the store). After an hour or so with no one stopping to offering help, here came the Stoneys.. Stoney was a nickname given to Soyna and Tony... I had a hose and relived them of some gas, about that time our heroes returns with a 5 gallon can of gas. Lesson learned, after 50 mile of riding you pass open gas station GET GAS.. with that rule in mind we had no more trouble with gas on the trip. We made our destination for the day, Fort Nelson, British Columbia. Cindy had bought a book on the sights to see and where to stay. The publishers of the book needs to do more research. The best place in town turned out to be not so nice.


While on our overnight stay in Fort Nelson we met a rider that was riding his 883, unfortunately he was broke down and riding by himself. His bike was about 60 miles north on Hwy 97. The closest Harley Shop was 420 miles south, the repair's was to in depth for us to help. "lesson learned when riding the Alaska Highway always ride with someone" Continuing to Watson Lake where we would spend our 5th night on the road. Awaiting us on this 326 mile portion of the Alaskan Highway were mountain peaks, glacial lakes, mountain streams, parks and the mighty Liard River. About 87 miles west of Fort Nelson was Summit Lake, it's very poplar with hikers, however no hikers here, we were all on motorcycles and enjoying the scenery from our bikes. North of Summit Lake is Muncho Lake, we rode with the lake on the left side and a rock wall on the right side not much room to pull off for pictures. About half way along the 9 mile lake was an resort with it's own airfield. I later found out that a fishing package from Vancouver was around $2,400 per week. The next 167 miles were alongside the Laird River. The Alaska Highway crosses into the Yukon Territory about 600 miles northwest of Dawson Creek and back again into British Columbia and back into Yukon before reaching Watson Lake, Yukon. While in Watson Lake we all visited the famous Signpost Forest. The forest originated in 1942 by a G. I. working on the road and put up a sign with mileage to his hometown. Since then more than 40,000 signs have been added.

Our sixth day started a little late, we only had 282 miles to Whitehorse. Half way between Watson lake and Whitehorse is Teslin were we crossed the Nisutlin Bay Bridge (the longest bridge on the Alaskan Highway) Here the population lives a traditional lifestyle, hunting, fishing, trapping, carving. Lake Teslin is about 80 miles long and spans two territories, Yukon and British Columbia, we parallel 25 miles of the lake ending at Johnson's Crossing. When we arrived in Whitehorse it was to the Harley Shop and tee's shirts. I can not say enough about this dealer. Letting us use there phone for motels reservations to giving us suggestions on where to eat. Whitehorse was the largest city we had been in since leaving Grand Perrier, Alberta. Or should I just say in 947 miles. Whitehorse was a friendly oasis in the heart of an unforgiving land, with a population of 22,000 and is the largest city in northern Canada. Here for the rest of the day the group split everyone wanted to see and do different sights. From the MacBride Museum to a tour of the SS Klondike, the largest sternwheeler to float the rivers of the Yukon. One sight that was free and truly amazing was the large full scale airplane the airport used for a windsock.

Leaving Whitehorse behind us on the seventh day of our journey I wonder what would lie ahead. The route and road conditions had to be getting worse. So far we have had great roads with one or two miles of construction here and there. All the stories of the road, pot holes, dirt, rocks. This had to be the day, we only had about 400 miles to go to Alaska. I decided to take the Alaska Highway straight to Alaska and not north to Dawson City along the Top of the World Highway and loop back to Tok, Alaska rejoining the Alaska Highway. As of today I'm not sure what adventure that route would have held for us, however the route to Beaver Creek and staying in Beaver Creek gave me great memories. Riding north we rode through, on and past the St Elias Range, running from Alaska through Yukon and to British Columbia, St Elis Range is the highest mountain range in North America and the second -highest coastal range in the world. We only used our chaps and leather jackets, the temp was not that cold. Upon reaching Destruction Bay (was named when the original road-construction camp was destroyed by a windstorm in 1942) there it was. The start of construction, the road was hard packed almost like black top and only lasted a few miles. The crew told us the road was just being repaired and would be repaired by August. Just after the pavement began again we stopped for lunch. The waiters told us the road ahead had frost heaves, bump's in the road. With the warnings from the locals we forged ahead. With little bumps here and there and coming to the longest section of construction we have had on our trip 22 miles we felt lucky. In the total 3000 miles we only had a total of 52 miles of road that was not paved. Last year in Yellowstone National Park just the park had that much. The twenty two miles of unpaved road south of Beaver Creek was very hard packed and waiting to be blacked toped. Over all the Alaska Highway through Canada was a very good road. The stories you hear are from 5, 10, 20 years ago are in the past. In July 2007 the highway was all but 52 miles paved. Beaver Creek the last place or first place (depends on the directions your traveling) with facilities in the Yukon Beaver Creek, population 110 is a tiny town with a big travel-based economy. We stayed at the Westmark Inn. That evening the group enjoyed a musical show, as I watched the show I imaged this was the entertainment of the gold rush day's no speakers no stage light shows just raw entertainment From the Royal Mounted Police Officer that informed us of the rendezvous and the star that was fresh off a tour from China. The Kan Kan dancer the singer and piano player. The evening was enjoyable and relaxing

The eight day would be our last day in Canada, it was onward to Alaska and the U.S. border just 20 miles away. Tok is the first town and just past customs. We had lunch there got gas and was on our way. Delta Junction, Alaska is the official end of the Alaska Highway, we stopped at the visitor center for pictures and some shopping, then it was off to Fairbanks. The ride from Delta Junction to Fairbanks was nice flat, lot's of trees and more traffic, not many wild animals, some deer. Along the way, just south of Fairbanks is the North Pole. I'm sure they have received one or two letters to the most famous residence, I too in my younger times have address and sent a few the the jolly old fellow. Fairbanks was not that impressive, next trip I will head southwest from Delta Junction on Highway 6 to Paxson and west on Highway 6 to Highway 8 west to Cantwell, Alaska. While in Fairbanks we visited the northern most Harley Davidson Dealership. We arrived just before closing time however they stayed open and let's us spend and spend. Very nice people and some kool tee's shirts.

The ninth day the ride south on Highway 3 to Anchorage was nice. More wild anamuls, Moose and Caribou, about an hour out of Fairbanks we were the first an accident, a car was parked in the road with a lady standing outside waving a white cloth. She was shaken like I had never seen. A Moose just came out of nowhere and she hit the Moose, he landed in her windshield and dented the right front fender. The lady was fine just a little upset, she was lucky no injuries. Our group stayed with her until help arrived, I was the first to call the state police, there first question was how is the Moose and informed me the nearest police car was over an hour away. A tow truck was called and the rental car company that sent out a new car. Some locals stayed with her and we were on our way. Oh by the way the Moose we never found, we all guessed it was ok, he just walked way. We visited, Denalli National Park Visitor Center. They will only allow you to go about 3 miles into the park, from the visitor center you had to take a bus. No one in our group took the bus, we had just rode here from Spokane, Washington how could a bus ride offer us something more exciting than our trip? Highway 3 south was beautiful moose, caribou, deer, sheep and people were abundant. From the roadway we saw Mt. McKinley not hard to miss at 20,320 feet, the highest point in North America. We arrived in Anchorage late that evening , remember this time of year it's light 23 hours of the day and dusk only one. In Alaska the earth looks like it rotates around the sun, by the sun making a small circle overhead. We stayed just down the street from (yep you got it ) a Harley shop. After getting seattle we went to town for crab. Alaskan King and Snow all you can eat for $19.00. The group spent three day's in Anchorage, some rented a car and went south to view whales and ice fields. Myself, I loaded the motorcycles on the truck for the 5000 mile trip back to Florida. This was Singletary Motorcycle Transport first trip to Alaska, some lessons learned, and different roads to take. Would I go again? In a heartbeat, contact us @ or 813 892-4787 for the next Alaskan Adventure.


we made it

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  After riding the hwy. it is a nice road to ride, the road is paved and in very good condition except, where there is road construction.

    Listed below are miles and driving times remember they are estimated, miles, route and driving times could change. As always you can ride on your own choose your route and time. No one is required to ride with me. . 



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Alaskan adventure

July , 2009

This is the route we took for 2007. However I have a new and improved route for 2009.     

      est. miles
est driving time
        destination  for  day
June 21
 hwy 95 N.


         Cranbrook,  BC .
June 22
 hwy 95 N. to 93 N.
        Jasper,  AB .
June 23
 hwy 16 E. to hwy 40 to hwy 43
      Dawson Creek,  BC .
June 24
 hwy 97 N. start of the Alaskan, Hwy.
        Fort Nelson, BC .
June 25
 hwy 97 N. Alaskan, Hwy.
        Watson Lake, YK.
June 26
 hwy PH 4 to PH 1  Alaskan, Hwy.
        Whitehorse,  YK.
June 27
 hwy PH 1  Alaskan, Hwy.
        Beaver Creek, YK.
June 28
 hwy PH 1 to US hwy 2 Alaskan, Hwy
        Tok, AK.   the  USA 
June 29 & June 30 & July 1        
this is where we decide if we go to Fairbanks or to and finish the hwy, OR. ride to Anchorage,  
        Anchorage, AK.