Rocky Mountain Ride, "Denver"  
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Yellowstone National Park

Jackson, WY.


August 28 to  September 6, 2009


round trip

2009 We will ship into Denver, CO. from there I plan on riding to Black Hawk, CO. and west to Gunninson. Then west and north to Grand Junction and into the Flaming Gorge. Green River, WY and into Jackson, WY. After a night at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar it's off to the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. I plan on riding to Red Lodge crossing Beartooth Pass. Beartooth Pass is one road that I ride both ways, why? It's one the best roads in North America and because from Red Lodge you have return back into Wy. to ride Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. and into Cody, WY. From Cody it's south and back to Colorado. I will be doing more update on this ride soon. The pictures are from the 2006 trip, enjoy.

Pictures from past rides.

2006  What a great ride.. Everyone stayed in Jackson, WY. and rode the Tetons for the first couple of days. Three of the riders headed off to Billings, MT. and the National Hog Rally. From there Bruce, Dennis and Luther went on to Glacier National Park. They tell me it was a great ride.  I have ridden there many times so I know there riding experience was great.

The rest of the group headed into Yellowstone, Old Faithful and the lodge.  We had a great guest in the Bears Den at the Old Faithful Lodge.  Guess? nope no bears just a buffalo outside the window. We also returned to the lodge for a night stay at the end of our ride. oh ya.. the last day the group decided to do some white water rafting on the Snake River.. everyone got wet.

 This area gives you, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone National Park, Teton National Park Just to name a few Parks.  By riding out the northeast entry of Yellowstone you will ride into Cooke City MT. and on to Beartooth Pass. This road is one of the most scenic roads in North America. Tying that in with Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy. your in for the best ride of your life. . As with all trips that I ride on, your welcome to join in or ride on your own..  


Jim "Butch" Singletary


                        The Irma Buffalo Bill's Hotel    Cody, WY            Santa and the elves @ The Top Of The World, MT.                                             Beartooth Pass  11000 feet  
           Bruce "the Dandy"     Dennis "Black Bart"        Luther " Pops"  




                     Yellowstone,  2006  one couple got married one got engaged. Our best and wishes to

                     Ray & Carol for a long and happy marriage.

                     Greg & Cheri and the promise of a long future together.                                                                                       


                                                                                                                                                   Jim & Cindy