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About  us,

  I have been shipping bikes since 1994. It started with just a few friends,I soon discovered, that many riders were interested in riding the west and would enjoy attending rallies "Sturgis" and others. When speaking with friends and other riders, I found they wanted to ride their own bikes, not rented bikes. The problems I kept hearing were time restraints,the cost was extremely high to ship bikes and finding a safe, legal and insured carriers ..thus, I started.                                

                     Singletary Motorcycle Transport.

  The areas, cities and dates I have selected are served with large air service, reasonable rates for flights, great riding and sights best seen on your bike(s). Your bike(s) are shipped by tractor-trailer (semi, enclosed trailer) to and from the destination of your choice, on our list of t


rips. I have been shipping and riding the west since 1994. From my past experience the dates picked are for the best weather, for that area. By choosing a trip on our list you will find a reasonable rate for shipping.

 We can accommodate groups on dates other than listed, however the cost of one or two bikes will be extremely higher.

What we do

   Your motorcycles are shipped with only motorcycles, not with someone's household goods, or other freight. Your bikes are tied down with two inch straps to the floor of the trailer the front and rear tires are blocked. You are allowed to ship your personal gear as long as it's attached to your motorcycle. Singletary Motorcycle Transport will not be responsible for any damage to your gear or damage it may cause to your motorcycle. We will pick your motorcycle (s) up at the agreed location and meet you at the airport at the agreed destination and back. "Special arrangements can be made."


Cost & Deposits

 Nonrefundable deeposits are taken to secure your motorcycles spot on that trip. Singletary Motorcycle Transport, Inc will only hold a place on the trailer with the paid balance. All deposits are non-refundable. The cost includes round trip shipping, if you decide to ride one way, the cost is the same. The cost of shipping includes the shipping of your motorcycle and any attached gear.

  If you are not sure of where you want to ride or what to see, please visit our links and of trips. Listed there are the areas we ship to and information from my past experiences. I have ridden on all of the trips,and will be happy to talk with you about roads to ride and sights you may wish to see.

  Singletary Motorcycle Transport. is fully licensed and insured.

Jim (Butch) Singletary

Don't ship your bike with just anyone.