Rocky Mountain Ride, begins in Colorado Springs, CO.

Sept 7th to Sept 17th, 2023

For information on this and other trips, give us a call, (813) 892-4787


Round trip shipping cost $1350.00 per bike

Round trip shipping cost $2025.00 per trike  limit 3


      This trip, the motorcycle's will be shipped to Colorado Springs, CO. As all trips your welcome to ride with us or choose your own adventure. This trip, I will primarily stay in Colorado. I will ride and see sights like the highest paved road in North America, along with the Million Dollar Hwy. Some of the National Parks are Rocky Mountaion Nat. Park, Black Canyon National Park and Masa Verde National Park. As always it's sure to be a adventure. Below are a few pictures from the past trip's. Because of the time of year this trip is in, the Aspen Tree's should be very colorful.


















Just some of the sights you'll see on the Rocky Mountian Ride.