...Reno, NV... Oregon....California........Pacific Coast Highway...


When you arrive in Reno you would catch the shuttle to...



Where we stay and you will pick up your motorcycle  

dates are  July 1st, 2020  to  July 12, 2020


From Reno we head west to the mountains and on to Truckee, CA. across Donner Pass, " named from the Donner party that attempted a crossing in the late fall of 1846. almost one-half starved to death".   From there it's north on hwy 89 to hwy 36 east to Lassen National Park.. From there it's west to the coastline with State Parks, Beaches, Light Houses. We will ride through the Redwoods trees and down The Bigfoot Hwy.. We will celebrate the 4th of July on the Pacific Ocean walk out of your motel for fire works, bon fires and light house on the beach. The next day its south along the coastline to the ChandelierTree, yes you can drive your motorcycle through the tree and and then you got it more curves. Well  spend the night in Mendocino on the Pacific and it's party time. More light houses, wine country. Then it's to Lake Taho and a night on the lake, beach and fire pits on the lake. From there it's south across the Sierra Mountians, what a beatuful ride to Yosemite National Park, "two nights here" this is one of the most visited parks in North America. Once their you can understand why. The trip was great we always have a nice time.

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National Parks, Rde the Bigfoot Highway, Lighthouse, Seals, Sea Loins Caves, Whale Watching, Elk, Wine Country an a adventure that will last a lifetime.




updated April 5th , 2020