Michigan  Color  Ride  2016
October 5, to  October 15, 2016
$400.00  shipping cost



The shipping cost includes round trip shipping from Florida and Georgia only. There will be a pig roast the driver is free, additional charge of twenty five dollars for the rider. I will began this trip in Grand Rapids, MI. visiting Rockford, Cedar Springs, Holland and Grand Haven, Michigan, we will also be in riding and visiting apple orchards, stopping for some fresh apple cider. If you're into lighthouses, I will also be stopping by a few. For more information visit this link Lighthouses of  Michigan; . Afterwards, it's a three hour ferry ride to Green Bay, WI. then north and into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Along the route, we will see water falls, state parks, beautiful roads and colors. From Sault Ste Marie, Michigan it's south for a ride across the Mackinac Bridge. . On the return from the U.P., I will stay two nights in Mackinaw City  and take a boat ride to Mackinac Island. The M 119 Tunnel of trees  is also a favorite motorcycle ride for many. Our trip in 2015 was a great ride, it was just too short [three days].  The colors in the Smokies are nice but in my opinion Michigan is better. Come see new roads and sights in Michigan. As always, you're welcome to ride on your own or with us.    


    For the trip of a lifetime...      

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updated 1/6/16 


Come join friends and myself,  for a great ride in Michigan