The WILD Ride


This one will be different than past Trips.

May 5th to May 14th, 2023


shipping cost only

2 wheel motorcycle $1,350.00

3 wheel motorcycle $2,025.00



     This will be different than past Run's. "Your alway"s welcome to go your own way or ride with me as a friend". I will ride Route 66, and some of  the roads ridden in the scenes of Easy Rider, I have run the road's and been there, however, these are new to most of our returnning riders. We will fly into and out of Colorado Springs, CO. You will need to arrive on May 4th, the trips starts on May 5th.  My route will  take us to Painted Desert into the Petrified Forest National Park. I will also ride some of Route 66, yes I will again set on the corner in Winslow, AZ. Other places I'll visit is Black Canyon Nat. Park the Little Grand Canyon and The Grand Canyon Nat. Park south rim. I will also visit Mesa Verde National Park along with many other great stops.. Get on board it's not to soon to book your motorcycle's spot on the trailer.  For more information on this trip and others, please give us a call. [813] 892-4787


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You could be here!

Standing On The Conner In Winslow, Arizona

Take It Easy..



See the south rim of the

Grand Canyon


Mesa Verde National Park, below, a picture of the Palace largest cliff dweller



Black Canyon National Park



Petrified Forest