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The California fires have devastated parts of the state. The normal  route I ride was effected. However, on the fall Boise in 2017 I rode a new route, what was going to be a new trip in 2019. Now, because of the fires I've decided to ride the 2019 route, from Reno in 2018. The Reno 2018 route will be new, yes some of the same roads as the past Reno trips but hey we have to get out of Reno. I will also tell you not nearly the curvy roads as the past trip Reno trips, but it does have curves.  If you followed us on Facebook you will remember the beautiful roads, sunsets, cost lines and places we visited. Below are some pictures from that trip. You are always welcome to choose your own route, or ride with us, below is the past trip if you decide to journey in that direction.                 



When you arrive in Reno you would catch the shuttle to...



Where we stay and you will pick up your motorcycle  

dates are  June 30, 2018  to  July 8, 2018


From Reno we head to the mountains to Truckee, CA. beautiful Lake Tahoe. and on to Truckee, CA. and across Donner Pass, " named from the Donner party that attempted a crossing in the late fall of 1846. almost one-half starved to death".   From there we rode north on hwy 89 to hwy 36 east. When we reached Lassen National Park most went on to Red Bluff where we had rooms for the night. However four of us wanted to see the park and more adventure. The Park was very beautiful with great roads to ride. Dean and I decided to turn onto Wilson Hill Road that where the fun started. Wow what a ride, for the next 10 miles or so is one of the most challenging roads I've ridden. we met up with our friends in Red Bluff. Next morning we gassed and was looking forward to more adventure, one of the first signs we saw was curves next 140 miles. The road is CA 399 that brings you to CA 36, then north on Hwy 3, that road must be ridden, it's like a roller coaster little hum's bum's and curves it's great. . Hay I love curves, but come on. Again this was a very challenge road. When the day was over and we were in Yreak, CA. Everyone need a break. So let's party, The next day we needed straight roads, well as close as you can get out there. From there we headed to the coastline with State Parks, Beaches, Light Houses. The north side of CA is where the Redwood trees are. Then on to the CA coastline and you got it more and more curves. We rode Hwy 101 all the way to San Francisco. There we visited Fisherman's Wharf, China Town, Golden Gate Bridge, and Lumbart Street,  what a ride. After a night there it was on Gilroy, CA. then on to Yosemite National Park, this is one of the most visited parks in North America. Once their you can understand why. The trip was great we always have a nice time.

Reno Past trip


Some pictures from past trips that you will see and new ones from 2017



Lighthouse, Seals, Sea Loins Caves, Whale Watching, Mt St. Helens, Mt Ranier, Crater Lake, Redwoods National Park




updated Nov. 1, 2017